The information in this section examines the classes of the EAM Sample Solution to show you how to add a solution to Solutions Manager. Some information modifies the EAM Sample Solution to add new content to it. Other information describes in general terms features that the EAM Sample Solution does not implement.


You add a solution to Solutions Manager by setting the shownInSolutionManager property in the implementation of the Extension data object that manages the solution.


You can provide an icon for each type of virtual machine or vApp that an extension manages by setting the ExtManagedEntityInfo smallIconUrl property.


When you create a solution, you can add tabs that appear in Solutions Manager to allow users to configure the solutions and to access the functions of the solution in the vSphere client.


vCenter Server pulls data from solutions about their health status. Solutions expose health data by providing a URL to an XML file that defines the health model of the solution. Solutions Manager provides a graphical representation of the health data that vCenter Server receives from the solutions that it manages.