vSphere ESX Agent Manager automates the process of deploying and managing vSphere ESX agents.

The services that ESX Agent Manager provides include out-of-the-box integration of agents with vSphere features such as DRS, AddHost, High Availability, DRM, and maintenance mode. All of these features can be difficult to integrate with manually. ESX Agent Manager also allows users to monitor the health of ESX agents, and blocks users from performing certain operations on ESX agents that might affect the virtual machines that use them. For example, ESX Agent Manager can prevent an ESX agent virtual machine from being powered off or moved from an ESX host that contains other virtual machines that use that agent.

ESX Agent Manager adds a Management tab to the three standard Solutions Manager tabs. The Management tab shows information about running agencies, lists any orphaned ESX agents, and shows logging information about the ESX agents that ESX Agent Manager manages.