You can modify the EAM Sample Solution to experiment with solution development.

You can add to the function of the EAM Sample Solution by copying the ESX Agent Manager SDK to a working folder in your development environment and adapting the Java files in VMware-vSphere-SDK-5.0.0-build_number\SDK\eam\src and the OVF and vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB) files in VMware-vSphere-SDK-5.0.0-build_number\SDK\eam\war.

For example, you can modify the sample solution to perform the following kinds of functions.

Change the data that the solution stores in the vCenter database.

Modify the OVF or VIB definitions to change the settings of the virtual machines that the solution creates.

Modify the tabs that appear in Solutions Manager or add new tabs.

Change the health information that the solution reports to Solutions Manager and ESX Agent Manager.

Change the goal state or scope of an ESX agency.