If a solution deploys different types of virtual machine or vApp, you can provide a description for each type by setting the ExtManagedEntityInfo description property.

The text that you set in the ExtManagedEntityInfo description property allows you to add a description to the types of virtual machines or vApps that your solution deploys. If a solution deploys different types of virtual machine, you can create several ExtManagedEntityInfo instances, each with a different description.

Verify that you have set the managedBy property in the configuration of the virtual machines or vApps that an extension deploys. See Identify the Virtual Machines or vApps that an Extension Manages.

Verify that you have created an instance of ExtManagedEntityInfo in the program that defines an extension.


The EAM Sample Solution uses ESX Agent Manager to deploy ESX agent virtual machines. ESX Agent Manager sets the ManagedByInfo properties on these virtual machines to mark them as belonging to ESX Agent Manager. The EAM Sample Solution does not set the ManagedByInfo properties itself. The code extracts in this procedure are not taken from the source files of the EAM Sample Solution.

Call the ExtManagedEntityInfo.setDescription() method to set the ExtManagedEntityInfo description property for a type of virtual machine or vApp that the solution deploys.

Extension extension = new Extension();
ExtManagedEntityInfo extManagedEntityInfo = new ExtManagedEntityInfo();
extManagedEntityInfo.setDescription("Description of this type of virtual machine or vApp.");

You added a description to all virtual machines or vApps of a certain type that your solution deploys. The description appears in the vSphere client when the solution registers with vCenter Server.