If you changed the IP addresses of the ESXi hosts and the vCenter Server system, you must reconnect the hosts to vCenter Server.

You do not need to reconnect the ESXi hosts to vCenter Server if the IP address of the ESXi hosts or the vCenter Server system did not change.

The IP address of the ESXi hosts and vCenter Server must have changed after the VSA cluster was installed.


Connect to the new vCenter Server IP with the vSphere Client.

vCenter Server fails to reconnect to old IP addresses of the ESXi hosts and shows an error message.


Close the error message.

The Add Host wizard starts.


In the Connection Settings page, type the new ESXi host IP address and the root credentials for the host, and click Next.


In the Security Alert dialog box, click Yes.


Click Yes in the Duplicate Management warning message for the HA cluster.


On the Host Summary and Virtual Machine pages, click Next.


On the Ready to Complete page, click Finish.


Repeat the steps for each ESXi host.

After vCenter Server establishes connection with all ESXi hosts, it reconfigures the HA cluster settings.