Make sure that the ESXi hosts meet the software requirements to join a VSA cluster.

ESXi Software Configuration Requirements for a VSA Cluster


VSA Cluster Requirements

ESXi version

Each host must have ESXi 5.0 installed.

ESXi license

For trial installations of the VSA cluster, you can run ESXi in evaluation mode.

For licensed installations, each ESXi must be licensed with a vSphere Essentials Plus license key or higher.

Cluster configuration

None of the ESXi hosts must participate in another cluster.

vSphere standard switch and port group configuration

Each ESXi host must have only the default vSphere standard switches or port groups that are created during installation. You must not configure any additional switches or port groups.

IP address

Each ESXi host must be assigned a unique static IP address that is in the same subnet as the vCenter Server IP address.

Virtual machines

Each ESXi host must have no deployed virtual machines.