vihostupdate35 - manage software installation packages on a VMware Infrastructure 3.5 host using vSphere CLI 4.0 and later.


 vihostupdate35 [<connection_options>]
  [ --help |
    --install [--bundle <zip_location>|--metadata <zip_location>] |
    --query |
    --remove <bulletin> |
    --scan [--bundle <location>|--metadata <zip_location>]]


vihostupdate35 provides an interface to list installed packages on a host, scan for packages that apply to a host, install packages in a specified directory, unpack a downloaded update, and install an update package.

Run this command only against ESX/ESXi version 3.5 hosts. Run vihostupdate agains ESX/ESXi 4.0 and later hosts.


--bundle | -b

Location of the offline bundle. Use either -b or -m but not both.


Specifies the target server and authentication information if required. Run vihostupdate35 --help for a list of all connection options.

--force | -f

Always reboot the host after a successful host update.


Prints a help message for each command-specific and each connection option. Calling the command with no arguments or with --help has the same effect.

--install | -i

Installs an update package from a given directory.

--metadata | -m

Specifies the location of the depot metadata.xml ZIP file that contains information about the update bundle. Use either -b or -m, not both.

--query | -q

Lists installed packages on the host.


Query host for installed packages:

 vihostupdate35 <connection_options> -q

Unpack and install the update:

 vihostupdate35 <connection_options> -i -b <bundle zip file>

Unpack a zip bundle containing the update but do not install the update:

 vihostupdate35 <connection_options> -b <bundle zip file>

Install the update using a metadata file:

  vihostupdate35 <connection_options> -i -m <bundle zip file>/metadata.xml