Installation Overview
You can install a vCLI package on a supported platform or deploy the vMA virtual machine on an ESXi host.
The vCLI installer installs both vSphere SDK for Perl and vCLI because vCLI commands run on top of the vSphere SDK for Perl. The contents of the installer package differs for different platforms.
After installation, you can run vCLI commands and vSphere SDK for Perl utility applications from the operating system command line. Each time you run a command, you specify the target server connection options directly or indirectly. You can also write scripts and manage your vSphere environment using those scripts.
vMA. Deploy vMA, a virtual machine that administrators can use to run scripts that manage vSphere, on an ESXi host. vMA includes vCLI, vSphere SDK for Perl, and other prepackaged software in a Linux environment.
vMA supports noninteractive login. If you establish an ESXi host as a target server, you can run vCLI and vSphere SDK for Perl commands against that server without additional authentication. If you establish a vCenter Server system as a target server, you can run most vCLI commands against all ESXi systems that server manages without additional authentication. See Deploying vMA.