esxcli network Namespace
The esxcli network namespace includes the following namespaces and commands.
fence [list]
network [list]
bte [list]
port [list]
firewall [get|load|refresh|set|unload]
ruleset [list | set]
allowedip[add| list| remove]
rule [list]
ip [get|set]
search [add|list|remove]
server [add|list|remove]
interface [add|list|remove| set]
ipv6 [get|set]
ipv4 [get|set]
address [add|list|remove]
neighbor [list]
vmware [list]
standard [add | list | remove | set]
policy [get]
security [get|set]
portgroup [add|list|remove| set]
policy [set]
security [get|set]
uplink [add|remove]
nic [down | get | list | set| up]