You can specify the NIC teaming policy on a vSwitch. The NIC teaming policy determines the load balancing and failover settings of a virtual switch and allows you to specify unused NICs.

Connect to a vSphere server.


Get a list of the physical NIC objects on the host network and store them in a variable.

$pn = Get-VMHost | Get-VMHostNetwork | select -Property physicalnic

Store the physical NIC objects you want to mark as unused in separate variables.

$pn5 = $pn.PhysicalNic[2]
$pn6 = $pn.PhysicalNic[3]
$pn7 = $pn.PhysicalNic[0]

View the NIC teaming policy of the VSwitch01 virtual switch.

$policy = Get-VirtualSwitch -VMHost -Name VSwitch01 | Get-NicTeamingPolicy

Change the policy of the switch to indicate that the $pn5, $pn6, and $pn7 network adapters are unused.

$policy | Set-NicTeamingPolicy -MakeNicUnused $pn5, $pn6, $pn7

Modify the load balancing and failover settings of the virtual switch NIC teaming policy.

$policy | Set-NicTeamingPolicy -BeaconInterval 3 -LoadBalancingPolicy 3 -NetworkFailoverDetectionPolicy 1 -NotifySwitches $false -FailbackEnabled $false