To simplify operational management of large-scale environments, you can apply standard configurations called host profiles to hosts on vSphere. If you want to set up a host to use the same host profile as a refernce host, you can attach the host to a profile.

Connect to a host that runs vCenter Server 4.0 or later.


Get the Host2 host.

$host2 = Get-VMHost Host2

Attach the Host2 host to the HostProfile1 host profile.

Set-VMHost -VMHost $host2 -Profile HostProfile1

Verify that the Host2 host is compliant with the HostProfile1 profile.

Test-VMHostProfileCompliance -VMHost $host2

The output of this command contains the host’s incompliant settings, if any.


Apply the profile to the Host2 host.

$neededVariables = Apply-VMHostProfile -Entity $host2 -Profile $hp1 -Confirm:$false

The $neededVariables variable contains the names of all required variables and their default or current values, as returned by the server. Otherwise, the $neededVariables variable contains the name of the host on which the profile has been applied.