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Updates an existing rule.


Set-DeployRule [-DeployRule] <DeployRule> [-Name <String>] [-Pattern <String[]>] [-AllHosts] [-Item <VIObjectCore[]>] [<CommonParameters>]

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Detailed Description

Updates an existing rule with the specified items, patterns, or both. Rules cannot be changed once they have been used in the active rule set. Use Copy-DeployRule to make a copy of a rule with any desired changes.

You must have the "AutoDeploy.Rule.Edit" privilege on the root folder of vCenter Server to use this cmdlet.


NameTypeDescriptionRequired?Pipeline InputDefault Value
DeployRuleDeployRuleThe rule to be changed. Use the DeployRule or the Name parameter to specify the rule.truefalse
AllHostsSwitchParameterSpecify AllHosts to apply the changed rule to all hosts. Specify either AllHosts or Pattern.falsefalse
ItemVIObjectCore[]Item to apply to the specified hosts. The item can be an image profile, a host profile, or a cluster or folder in a vCenter Server system. This parameter supports object-by-name, so you can pass the name of the item.falsetrue (ByValue)
NameStringName of the rule to apply changes to. Use the DeployRule or the Name parameter to specify the rule.falsefalse
PatternString[]Pattern that identifies the hosts to apply the rule to. Specify either AllHosts or Pattern.

Pattern strings use the following syntax:

<attr>==<value> Adds a pattern that exactly matches the specified value against the specified attribute. Use this syntax if you need to match a string that contains a comma.

<attr>=<Val1 >[,val2,... ,valN] Adds a pattern that matches against the comma-separated list of values.

Supported value types are:

string Exact string match
<ip1>-<ip2> Range of IPv4 addresses.

Return Type




-------------- Example 1 --------------

C:\PS> Set-DeployRule $rule -Pattern "ipv4="

Updates the rule to apply to the hosts with IPv4 addresses in the specified range.

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