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Creates a new entry in the credential store.


New-VICredentialStoreItem [-Host] <String> [-User] <String> [[-Password] <String>] [[-File] <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

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Detailed Description

Creates a new entry in the credential store. If there is an existing entry for the specified host and user, it is overwritten. If the credential store file does not exist, it is created (along with its directory if needed). If no file is specified, the item is created in the default credential store file %APPDATA%\VMware\credstore\vicredentials.xml. The credential store is not designed to be a secure password repository. Although the passwords added to the credential store are obfuscated, they can be recovered by anyone who can access the credential store file. By default, only the user who has created the credential store file has rights to read it.


NameTypeDescriptionRequired?Pipeline InputDefault Value
HostStringSpecify the host for which you want to create the new credentials item.truefalse
UserStringSpecify a user name.truefalse
PasswordStringSpecify a password.falsefalse
FileStringSpecify a file path where you want to store the new credentials.falsefalse

Return Type




-------------- Example 1 --------------

New-VICredentialStoreItem -Host -User Admin -Password pass

Adds a new item in the default credential store file.

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