Install the client plug-in on a computer that will be used to manage Data Recovery. You must install the client before you can manage VMware Data Recovery.

Before you can install the Data Recovery plug-in, you must have vCenter Server running in your environment, and you must install the vSphere Client, which you can download from any vCenter Server. The Data Recovery plug-in connects to the backup appliance using port 22024. If there is a firewall between the client and the backup appliance, port 22024 must be open before Data Recovery can be managed with the vSphere Client.

The client plug-in is only approved for managing backup appliances of the same version. Ensure you have the correct version of the plug-in for the appliance you are managing.


Insert the Data Recovery installation CD.

The VMware Data Recovery Installer window appears.


Click Data Recovery Client Plug-In.


Follow the prompts of the installation wizard.


Start the vSphere Client, and log in to a vCenter Server.


Select Plugins > Manage Plugins and make sure that the Data Recovery plug-in is enabled.

You can now use the client plug-in to manage Data Recovery. If the Data Recovery is not registered in the vSphere Client, restart the client.

You may now want to complete the task Install the Backup Appliance.