Running ESXCLI Commands Against ESXi 4.x Hosts
When you run an ESXCLI vCLI command, you must know the commands supported on the target host.
You specify the target host with --server or set up a vMA target.
Some commands or command outputs are determined by the host type. In addition, VMware partners might develop custom ESXCLI commands that you can run on hosts where the partner VIB has been installed.
Run esxcli --server <target> --help for a list of namespaces supported on the target. You can drill down into the namespaces for additional help.
Important ESXCLI on ESX 4.x hosts does not support targeting a vCenter Server system. You can therefore not run ESXCLI commands with --server pointing to a vCenter Server system even if you install vCLI 5.0.