Retrieving Basic Networking Information
Service console commands for retrieving networking information are not included in the ESXi Shell. You can instead use ESXCLI commands directly in the shell or use vCLI commands.
On ESXi 5.0, ifconfig information should be the information of the VMkernel NIC that attaches to the Management Network port group. You can retrieve information by using ESXCLI commands.
esxcli <conn_options> network ip interface list
esxcli <conn_options> network ip interface ipv4 get -n vmk<X>
esxcli <conn_options> network ip interface ipv6 get -n vmk<X>
esxcli <conn_options> network ip interface ipv6 address list
For information corresponding to the Linux netstat command, use the following ESXCLI command.
esxcli <conn_options> network ip connection list
You can also ping individual hosts with the esxcli network diag ping command. The command includes options for using ICMPv4 or ICMPv6 packet requests, specifying an interface to use, specifying the interval, and so on.