Organizations provide resources to a group of users and set policies that determine how users can consume those resources. Create and manage organizations for each group of users that requires its own resources, policies, or both.

Verify that you are connected to a vCloud Director server as a provider administrator.


Generate a customized report for all organizations on the server.

Get-Org | Select Name, Enabled, StoredVMQuota, DeployedVMQuota

Add a new organization on the server and provide a name and a full name for it.

New-Org -Name 'MyOrg1' -FullName 'My Organization 1'

By default, the new organization is enabled. Enabling the organization lets users log in.


Add a description for the new organization.

Get-Org -Name 'MyOrg1' | Set-Org -Description "This organization provides resources to John Doe." 

Disable and remove the new organization.

Get-Org -Name 'MyOrg1' | Set-Org -Enabled $false | Remove-Org