Analyzing many systems simultaneously can impact vCenter Server performance.

The list of available domains remains empty for Guided Consolidation installed on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.

Some configurations of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 prevent Guided Consolidation from discovering LAN Manager Workgroups. The Link-layer discovery protocol (LLDP), introduced in Windows 2008 Server, is not backward compatible with LAN Manager-based protocols and can not discover machines with earlier operating systems if those systems do not have the appropriate drivers installed. Additionally, Guided Consolidation does not use LLDP to perform discovery and will not find systems that can only be discovered through that protocol, or when the Computer Browser Windows Service is not running.

Ensure that the Computer Browser Windows Service is enabled on the Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 system where Guided Consolidation is installed and that it is also enabled on all systems to be discovered. Alternatively, manually enter the static IP address of the system to be analyzed.