You can check whether updates are available for the reachable hosts in your datacenter.

When you select a patch to install, consider the following points:

The patch might be part of a bulletin that includes multiple patches.

The contents of bulletins might overlap with each other.

The patch might depend on other patches as prerequisites.

One patch might be a subset of another patch.

These behaviors are expected and are managed by vSphere Host Update Utility as needed. If you install a patch, do not be concerned if vSphere Host Update Utility installs multiple patches.


Select Start > Programs > VMware > vSphere Host Update Utility 4.0.


Select a host.


In the Host Details pane, click Scan for Patches.


Enter the host username and password and click Login.


(Optional) If updates are available, click Patch Host.

For each host that you scan, vSphere Host Update Utility downloads available updates to the host. After the host is updated, an OK button appears.


Click OK.

After all updates are applied, vSphere Host Update Utility restarts the updated services.

If you have multiple hosts, repeat this procedure until all hosts are updated.