For ESXi, you can download available host patches and maintenance updates.


Select Start > Programs > VMware > vSphere Host Update Utility 4.0.


Select File > Download Patches from VMware.


If necessary, troubleshoot proxy settings.

When proxy settings are incorrect, attempting to download patches results in an error message that indicates the download failed. Therefore, ensure the proxy server is configured appropriately. The following procedure demonstrates how to configure your system with the proxy server information.


Navigate to the settings.config file of the VMware vSphere Host Update Utility. For example: C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VIUpdate4.0\settings.config


Update the following line with your proxy server information: add key="ProxyServer" value="" /

Example of updated line: <add key="ProxyServer" value="" />


Save the settings.config file.


Restart VMware vSphere Host Update Utility.

vSphere Host Update Utility downloads patches and updates from the official servers.

Scan the hosts and apply the updates and patches.