After you determine that the ESX 4.0 upgrade is stable, you can remove the ESX 3.x boot option from the ESX 4.0 bootloader menu to disable the ability to roll back to ESX 3.x.

After you upgrade a host from ESX 3.x to ESX 4.0, the ESX bootloader boots into ESX 4.0 by default, but retains the option to boot into ESX 3.x. The ESX 3.x boot option is useful if the ESX 4.0 upgrade does not work as expected in your environment. However, after you confirm that the upgrade is stable, you might want to disable the ability to roll back to ESX 3.x.

This procedure is applicable only if you left the default rollback option enabled when you performed the upgrade. If you deselected the rollback option, this procedure is not applicable. Only a system administrator can perform this optional procedure.

Before executing this script, make sure that you have copied all required data from the legacy ESX mount points under /esx3-installation.


In the ESX 4.0 service console, run the cleanup-esx3 command with the optional -f (force) flag.

If you omit the -f flag, the software prompts you to confirm that you want to disable the ability to roll back to the ESX 3.x.


(Optional) Reboot the host.

While the server is powering on, observe that the bootloader menu does not include an option for ESX 3.x.

The host looks the same as a clean installation of ESX 4.0. The cleanup-esx3 script removes the following files and references from the ESX 4.0 host:

ESX 3.x references in the /etc/fstab directory

ESX 3.x boot files in the /boot directory

The rollback-to-esx3 script in the /usr/sbin/ directory