If the default settings for vSphere Host Update Utility do not meet the needs of your environment, you can customize the application.

Customize the application by modifying the settings.config XML file, located in the application folder. If you installed the vSphere Client at the default location, the settings.config XML file is located at one of the following locations:

32-bit OS: %PROGRAMFILES%\VMware\Infrastructure\VIUpdate 4.0

64-bit OS: %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\VMware\Infrastructure\VIUpdate 4.0

You can make the following customizations in the settings.config file:


URL of the remote server to retrieve host patches and updates.


Local path on your machine where host patches and updates are stored.


Proxy server to use for downloads. By default, this element is empty. In regard to proxy servers, vSphere Host Update Utility does not support authenticated proxies.


Directory where user settings are stored.


Display a confirmation prompt to download patches from the VMware patch repository. Can be True or False. By default, the value is set to True.