For ESX hosts only, the vSphere Web Access service is disabled after you upgrade the host. If you have Web Access enabled on the host, you must restore the service after the upgrade is complete.

vSphere Web Access is a user interface that runs in a Web browser and provides access to the virtual machine’s display. The vSphere Web Access service is installed when you install ESX 4.0 or vCenter Server 4.0, but is not running by default. Before you log in and start managing virtual machines, you must start the vSphere Web Access service on your ESX or vCenter Server instance.


vSphere Web Access is not supported on ESXi hosts.

You must have root privileges to check the status and run the vSphere Web Access service.


Log in to the ESX host using root privileges.


Type the command to check whether the Web Access service is running.

service vmware-webAccess status

A message appears that says whether the service is running.


(Optional) If vSphere Web Access is not running, type the command to start Web Access.

service vmware-webAccess start

You can now use vSphere Web Access to log in to the ESX host. See the vSphere Web Access Administrator's Guide.