Before you perform an upgrade to vCenter Server on a different machine, you might want to move the database as well. Moving the database is optional. To move an Oracle database, you perform a backup and restore operation.

Consult your database administrator or see your database documentation about backing up and restoring databases.

The machine with the VirtualCenter 2.x database is referred to as the source machine. The machine on which the vCenter Server 4.0 database will reside is referred to as the destination machine.

You must have a VirtualCenter 2.x system running with a local or remote Oracle 10g or Oracle 11g database.


On the source machine, log in to Oracle SQL*Plus as the VirtualCenter 2.x database user and export the database as a .dmp file.


Copy the .dmp file onto the C:\ drive of the destination machine.


In Oracle SQL*Plus, run the following command to create the tablespace.

create tablespace vctest datafile 'c:\vctest.dbf' size 100m autoextend on;

Create a user.

create user VCUSER identified by CENSORED default tablespace vctest;

Import the .dmp file into the Oracle 64-bit database on the destination machine.

The VirtualCenter 2.x database is restored onto the new database, which you can use for the upgrade to vCenter Server 4.0.