Before you perform an upgrade to vCenter Server on a different machine, you might want to move the database as well. Moving the database is optional. To move a Microsoft SQL Server database, you can perform a backup and restore operation.

Consult your database administrator or see your database documentation about backing up and restoring databases.

The machine with the VirtualCenter 2.x database is referred to as the source machine. The machine on which the vCenter Server 4.0 database will reside is referred to as the destination machine.

You must have a VirtualCenter 2.x system running with a local or remote Microsoft SQL Server database.

You must have Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio installed on the source machine and the destination machine. The Express versions (SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi and SQLServer2005_SSMSEE_x64.msi) are free downloads from Microsoft.


In SQL Server Management Studio, make a full back up of the source machine database.


Copy the backup file (.bak) to the C:\ drive on the destination machine.


On the destination machine, open SQL Server Management Studio and right-click the Databases folder.


Select New Database, enter the source machine database name, and click OK.


Right-click the new database icon and select Task > Restore > Database.


Select From Device and click Browse.


Click Add, navigate to the backup file, and click OK.


In the Restore Database window, select the checkbox next to your .bak file.


On the Options page, select the Overwrite the existing database checkbox and click OK.

The VirtualCenter 2.x database is successfully restored onto the new database, which you can use for the upgrade to vCenter Server 4.0.