You might choose to replace ESXi Embedded with ESXi Installable. ESXi Installable is a physical server that contains an ESX image installed on a local hard drive.


ESXi Installable and ESXi Embedded can exist on the same host. However, having them on the same host causes ESXi upgrades to fail, so coexistence is not supported.


Overwriting the ESXi Embedded image might cause you to lose drivers installed by your hardware vendor.

You must have an ESXi Embedded host. An ESXi Embedded host is a physical server that contains an ESX image preinstalled as firmware in the factory or burned onto an external USB key.


Install ESXi Installable on the machine's hard disk.


Copy virtual machines from the ESXi Embedded VMFS datastore to the ESXi Installable VMFS datastore.


Reboot the machine and configure the boot setting to boot from the hard disk where you installed ESXi rather than the USB disk.


If you can remove the ESXi Embedded USB device, remove it. If the USB device is internal, clear or overwrite the USB partitions.

Removing or overwriting ESXi Embedded is required so that the ESXi host can be upgraded in the future.