After you configure your ESXi host, you might want to create a backup of the configuration.

The following procedure describes how to back up your ESXi configuration data.

The --portnumber and --protocol options are optional. If you exclude them, the defaults are port 443 and protocol HTTPS.

If your administrative password includes special characters, such as $ or &, you must include a backslash escape character (\) before each special character.

For the backup filename, include the build number that is currently running on the host that you are backing up. If you are running the vSphere CLI as a virtual appliance, the backup file is saved locally on the virtual appliance. Local storage for backup files is safe because virtual appliances are stored in the /vmfs/volumes/<datastore> directory, which is separate from the ESXi image and configuration files.


Start the vSphere CLI.


Run the vicfg-cfgbackup command with the -s flag to save the host configuration to the specified backup filename.

vicfg-cfgbackup --server <ESXi-host-ip> --portnumber <port_number> --protocol <protocol_type> --username username --password <password> -s <backup-filename>