You can control which users are able to view and manage license resources.

The examples that follow are specific to ESX/ESXi hosts and might not apply to solutions.

Though licensing is applicable to solutions as well as ESX/ESXi hosts and vCenter Server, solutions licensing management is too variable and, therefore, specific to each solution to be discussed in general terms. For information about licensing a specific solution, see the documentation for that solution.

The following permission types are supported.


If you have global permission at the root folder, you can view and modify all licenses in the vCenter Server inventory. This includes other vCenter Server systems in a Linked Mode group.


If you have read-only permission on a host, the vCenter Server displays the first and last five characters of the license key assigned to the host, the features present in the license, and the expiration date for the license.

If you have neither of these permissions but you can add a host to vCenter Server, you can add a license to the inventory and assign a license to the host when you perform the add host operation.