You can use resource allocation settings to manage a resource pool.

Resource Pool Attributes is a summary of the attributes that you can specify for a resource pool.

Resource Pool Attributes




Name of the new resource pool.


Number of CPU or memory shares the resource pool has with respect to the parent’s total. Sibling resource pools share resources according to their relative share values bounded by the reservation and limit. You can select Low, Normal, or High, or select Custom to specify a number that assigns a share value.


Guaranteed CPU or memory allocation for this resource pool. A nonzero reservation is subtracted from the unreserved resources of the parent (host or resource pool). The resources are considered reserved, regardless of whether virtual machines are associated with the resource pool. Defaults to 0.

Expandable Reservation

Indicates whether expandable reservations are considered during admission control. If you power on a virtual machine in this resource pool, and the reservations of the virtual machines combined are larger than the reservation of the resource pool, the resource pool can use resources from its parent or ancestors if this check box is selected (the default).


Upper limit for the amount of CPU or memory the host makes available to this resource pool. Default is Unlimited. To specify a limit, deselect the Unlimited check box.