The Faults page of the DRS tab displays faults that prevented the recommendation of a DRS action (in manual mode) or the application of a DRS recommendation (in automatic mode).

You can reach this page by clicking the Faults button on the DRS tab.

You can customize the display of problems using the Contains text box. Select the search criteria (Time, Problem, Target) from the drop-down box next to the text box and enter a relevant text string.

You can click on a problem to display additional details about it, including specific faults and the recommendations it prevented. If you click on a fault name, a detailed description of that fault is provided by the DRS Troubleshooting Guide. You can also access this guide from the Faults page, by clicking View DRS Troubleshooting Guide.

For each fault, DRS provides the information shown in DRS Faults Page.

DRS Faults Page




Timestamp of when the fault occurred.


Description of the condition that prevented the recommendation from being made or applied. When you select this field, more detailed information about its associated faults displays in the Problem Details box.


Target of the intended action.