To enable hyperthreading you must first enable it in your system's BIOS settings and then turn it on in the vSphere Client. Hyperthreading is enabled by default.

Some Intel processors, for example Xeon 5500 processors or those based on the P4 microarchitecture, support hyperthreading. Consult your system documentation to determine whether your CPU supports hyperthreading. ESX/ESXi cannot enable hyperthreading on a system with more than 32 physical cores, because ESX/ESXi has a logical limit of 64 CPUs.


Ensure that your system supports hyperthreading technology.


Enable hyperthreading in the system BIOS.

Some manufacturers label this option Logical Processor, while others call it Enable Hyperthreading.


Make sure that you turn on hyperthreading for your ESX/ESXi host.


In the vSphere Client, select the host and click the Configuration tab.


Select Processors and click Properties.


In the dialog box, you can view hyperthreading status and turn hyperthreading off or on (default).

Hyperthreading is now enabled.