After you connect to the host machine, you can add a virtual machine to the host. You can import or create one or more virtual machines on a single host.

A virtual appliance is a prebuilt virtual machine with an operating system and applications already installed. The vSphere Client Getting Started tab provides steps to guide you through both options. If this is your first virtual machine, VMware recommends that you import a virtual appliance.


In the Getting Started tab, click Deploy from VA Marketplace.


Select a virtual appliance from the list and click Download now.

For the shortest download time, VMware recommends that you chose a small virtual appliance.


Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to import the virtual appliance.

You have completed setup for a single-host management system in which ESXi is used to run virtual machines.

After you import the virtual appliance, you can use the Console tab in the vSphere Client to power it on and see what is running on it. Using the Console to view the virtual appliance is like having a monitor connected to the virtual appliance. To release the pointer from the Console, press Ctrl+Alt. To view the Console in full screen mode, from the Inventory, right-click the virtual machine and select Open Console.