When you add a host to a datacenter, vCenter Server manages it.


In the Inventory panel, select the datacenter you created if it is not selected.


On the Getting Started tab, follow the on-screen instructions and click Add a host.


Type the IP address or name of the ESXi host in the Host name field.


Enter the Username and Password for a user account that has administrative privileges on the selected managed host.


Click Next.


To confirm the Host Summary information, click Next.


Assign an existing license key to the host and click Next.


Click Next.


Select a location from the list of inventory objects and click Next.


Click Finish to complete adding a host.

The vSphere Client displays a progress bar in the Recent Tasks pane while the host is added. Adding a new host can take a few minutes and the Status percentage might appear to pause at different increments during the process.

When a new host is added, the host might appear as disconnected until vCenter Server completes the task. After the host is added, the status changes to connected, indicating that the host connection is complete.

The host you installed and setup earlier and the virtual appliance you imported are added to the inventory managed by vCenter Server.

You already have a virtual machine in the inventory because you added the host with the virtual appliance to vCenter Server. Try to create a new virtual machine.