Setting up ESXi involves configuring the Administrative (root) password for the ESXi host and configuring the default networking behavior.

Before you begin these tasks, you must have the following set up:

An ESXi system that is connected to a monitor and a keyboard and that is powered on.

(Optional) At least one other computer to act as a management station. This computer must be running Windows and have network access to the ESXi host.

Consider using a network with a DHCP server.


If a system failure occurs, you can restore the ESXi software.

After you install and boot ESXi for the first time, the system network and storage devices are configured with defaults. After the host completes the autoconfiguration phase, the direct console appears on the attached monitor.

Using a keyboard attached to the host, press F2 to examine the default configuration. As the system administrator, you can make changes to the default configuration, such as creating the administrator password or setting the static IP address. VMware recommends that you configure your administrative access settings and server network.