You can manage multiple hosts at the same time with vCenter Server.

Using vCenter Server to manage multiple hosts allows you to experiment with advanced management options, such as resource sharing, and all of the other options available within a virtual infrastructure.

Deploying vCenter Server provides many advantages over deploying a single, standalone ESXi host. Comparison of Multiple and Single Host Management illustrates some of the advantages and compares multiple-host management with vCenter Server as opposed to single-host management.

Comparison of Multiple and Single Host Management


vCenter Server


Scale of deployment

Multiple hosts

Single host

Capacity planning

Built in

Available separately

Server consolidation wizard

Built in

Available separately

Instant server provisioning

Available with templates and cloning

Not available

No downtime maintenance

Possible with vMotion

Not available

Load balancing

Possible with VMware DRS

Not available


Possible with VMware HA

Not available

Power savings

Possible with VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM)

Not available

Centralized access control

Available with Active Directory Integration

Not available