You can change the user ID, user name, password, and group settings for a user. You can also grant a user shell access.

Review the password requirements as described in Understanding Password Requirements.


Log in to the host using the vSphere Client.


Click the Users & Groups tab and click Users.


Right-click the user and click Edit to open the Edit User dialog box.


To change the user ID, enter a numeric user UID in the UID text box.

The vSphere Client assigns the UID when you first create the user. In most cases, you do not have to change this assignment.


Enter a new user name.


To change the user’s password, select Change Password and enter the new password.

Create a password that meets the length and complexity requirements. The host checks for password compliance using the default authentication plug-in, If the password is not compliant, the following error appears: A general system error occurred: passwd: Authentication token manipulation error.

If you switched to the authentication plug-in, password compliance is not enforced.


To add the user to a group, select the group name from the Group drop-down menu and click Add.


To remove the user from a group, select the group name from the Group membership box and click Remove.


Click OK.