When you boot an ESXi host from iSCSI using iBFT-enabled network adapters, certain considerations apply.

The iBFT iSCSI boot does not support the following items:


Failover for the iBFT-enabled network adapters


Update your NIC's boot code and iBFT firmware using vendor supplied tools before trying to install and boot VMware ESXi 4.1 release. Consult vendor documentation and VMware HCL guide for supported boot code and iBFT firmware versions for VMware ESXi 4.1 iBFT boot. The boot code and iBFT firmware released by vendors prior to the ESXi 4.1 release might not work.

After you set up your host to boot from iBFT iSCSI, the following restrictions apply:

You cannot disable the software iSCSI adapter. If the iBFT configuration is present in the BIOS, the host re-enables the software iSCSI adapter during each reboot.

You cannot remove the iBFT iSCSI boot target using the vSphere Client. The target appears on the list of adapter static targets.