View an iSCSI hardware initiator to verify that it is correctly installed and ready for configuration.

Before you begin configuring the hardware iSCSI initiator, make sure that the iSCSI HBA is successfully installed and appears on the list of initiators available for configuration. If the initiator is installed, you can view its properties.


Log in to the vSphere Client, and select a host from the inventory panel.


Click the Configuration tab and click Storage Adapters in the Hardware panel.

The hardware iSCSI initiator appears in the list of storage adapters.


Select the initiator to view.

The default details for the initiator appear, including the model, iSCSI name, iSCSI alias, IP address, and target and paths information.


Click Properties.

The iSCSI Initiator Properties dialog box appears. The General tab displays additional characteristics of the initiator.

You can now configure your hardware initiator or change its default characteristics.