With Dynamic Discovery, each time the initiator contacts a specified iSCSI server, it sends the Send Targets request to the server. The server responds by supplying a list of available targets to the initiator.


Log in to the vSphere Client and select a server from the inventory panel.


Click the Configuration tab and click Storage Adapters in the Hardware panel.

The list of available storage adapters appears.


Select the iSCSI initiator to configure and click Properties.


In the iSCSI Initiator Properties dialog box, click the Dynamic Discovery tab.


To add an address for the Send Targets discovery, click Add.

The Add Send Targets Server dialog box appears.


Enter the IP address or DNS name of the storage system and click OK.

After your host establishes the Send Targets session with this system, any newly discovered targets appear in the Static Discovery list.


To delete a specific Send Targets server, select it and click Remove.

After you remove a Send Targets server, it might still appear in the Inheritance field as the parent of static targets. This entry indicates where the static targets were discovered and does not affect the functionality.


You cannot change the IP address, DNS name, or port number of an existing Send Targets server. To make changes, delete the existing server and add a new one.