Some esxcli corestorage commands, for example the commands that you run to add new claim rules, remove the rules, or mask paths, require that you specify certain options.

esxcli corestorage Command-Line Options



Required Option

-r <claimrule_ID>

Use to specify the order number for the claim rule from 0 to 65535.

-t <type>

Use to define the set of paths for the claim rule. Specify one of the following values for the <type> variable:

These options change depending on the value you enter for <type>.

vendor – Indicate the vendor and model of the storage device used for this path.

-V <vendor> -M <model>

Use asterisk (*) to specify all vendors or models.

location – Indicate the adapter, channel, target, or LUN used for this path.

Use any of the following:

-A <adapter>

-C <channel>

-T <target>

-L <lunID>

driver – Indicate the driver used for the path.

-D <driver>

transport – Indicate the transport used for the path.

-R <transport>

Use one of the following for the <transport> variable:

block – Raid block devices, such as cciss

fc – Fibre Channel

iscsi – Default iSCSI

iscsivendor – iSCSI with vendor supplied IMA

ide – IDE

sas – Serial attached SCSI

sata – Serial ATA

usb – USB storage devices

parallel – Parallel SCSI devices

unknown – Unknown storage device type

-P <MPP_name>

Indicate which MPP plug-in should claim the paths defined by the claim rule.

Run the vicfg-mpath --list-plugins command to see valid values.