You must complete several tasks to enable booting from SAN on an ESX host.


Review any vendor configuration recommendations that apply to the storage system or the server booting from SAN.


Configure the hardware elements of your storage network, including SAN and HBAs.


Configure ACLs on your storage system.

Proper access control on the storage systems is important when an ESX host is booting from iSCSI.

Boot LUNs should only be visible to the server using that LUN to boot. No other server or system on the SAN should be permitted to see that boot LUN.

Multiple ESX hosts can share a diagnostic partition. ACLs on the storage systems can allow you to do this.


Choose the location for the diagnostic partition.

Diagnostic partitions can be put on the same LUN as the boot partition. Core dumps are stored in diagnostic partitions. If a diagnostic partition is configured in the boot LUN, this LUN cannot be shared between multiple hosts


Set up your ESX to boot from CD-ROM first because the VMware installation CD is in the CD-ROM drive.

To achieve this, change the system boot sequence in your system BIOS setup.