You can display all datastores available to your hosts and analyze their properties.

Datastores are added to the vSphere Client in the following ways:

Created on an available storage device.

Discovered when a host is added to the inventory. When you add a host to the inventory, the vSphere Client displays any datastores available to the host.

If your vSphere Client is connected to a vCenter Server system, you can see datastore information in the Datastores view. This view displays all datastores in the inventory, arranged by a datacenter. Through this view, you can organize datastores into folder hierarchies, create new datastores, edit their properties, or remove existing datastores.

This view is comprehensive and shows all information for your datastores including hosts and virtual machines using the datastores, storage reporting information, permissions, alarms, tasks and events, storage topology, and storage reports. Configuration details for each datastore on all hosts connected to this datastore are provided on the Configuration tab of the Datastores view.


The Datastores view is not available when the vSphere client connects directly to your host. In this case, review datastore information through the host storage configuration tab.

The following table describes the datastore details that you can see when you review datastores.

Datastore Information

Datastore Information



Editable friendly name that you assign to the datastore.


Storage device, on which the datastore is deployed. If the datastore spans over multiple storage devices, only the first storage device is shown.


Total formatted capacity of the datastore.


Available space.


File system that the datastore uses, either VMFS or NFS.

Storage I/O Control

Allows cluster-wide storage I/O prioritization. See the vSphere Resource Management Guide.

Hardware Acceleration

Information on whether the datastore assists the host with various virtual machine management operations. The status can be Supported, Not Supported, or Unknown.


A path to the datastore in the /vmfs/volumes/ directory.


Individual extents that the datastore spans and their capacity (VMFS datastores only).

Path Selection

Path selection policy the host uses to access storage (VMFS datastores only).


Number of paths used to access storage and their status (VMFS datastores only).