You can use third-party management applications in conjunction with your ESX/ESXi host.

Most SAN hardware is packaged with SAN management software. This software typically runs on the storage array or on a single server, independent of the servers that use the SAN for storage.

Use this third-party management software for the following tasks:

Storage array management, including LUN creation, array cache management, LUN mapping, and LUN security.

Setting up replication, check points, snapshots, or mirroring.

If you decide to run the SAN management software on a virtual machine, you gain the benefits of running a virtual machine, including failover using VMotion and VMware HA. Because of the additional level of indirection, however, the management software might not be able to detect the SAN. This problem can be resolved by using an RDM.


Whether a virtual machine can run management software successfully depends on the particular storage system.