An event is an action that occurs on an object in vCenter Server or on a host.

Events include user actions and system actions that occur on managed objects in the vSphere Client inventory. For example, events are created when a user logs in to a virtual machine and when a host connection is lost.

Each event records an event message. An event message is a predefined description of an event. Event messages contain information such as the user who generated the event, the time the event occurred, and the type of event message (information, error, or warning). Event messages are archived in vCenter Server.

Typically, event details include the name of the object on which the event occurred and describes the action that occurred. The object of the event is a link to the object’s individual event page.


When actions occur on a folder, for example, when an alarm is created on a folder, the related event (in this case the AlarmCreatedEvent) is visible only in the parent datacenter.