You can add virtual hardware to a virtual machine using the Add Hardware wizard.

The virtual hardware that you add appears in the hardware list displayed in the Virtual Machine Properties wizard. The selected guest operating system determines the devices that are available to add to a given virtual machine.

Virtual machine hardware can be reconfigured while the virtual machine is running, if the following conditions are met:

The virtual machine has a guest operating system that supports hot-plug functionality. See the Guest Operating System Installation Guide.

The virtual machine is using hardware version 7.

Virtual CPUs can only be added while the virtual machine is running if CPU Hot Plug has been enabled on the Options tab of the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box.


If a virtual machine is on a host managed by vCenter Server, be sure to connect to vCenter Server when adding or modifying virtual hardware for the virtual machine. If you connect the vSphere Client directly to the host, add hardware operations might fail with the error message Cannot complete operation due to concurrent modification by another operation.