Authorized users for vCenter Server are those included in the Windows domain list referenced by vCenter Server or local Windows users on the vCenter Server system. The permissions defined for these users apply whenever a user connects to vCenter Server.

You cannot use vCenter Server to manually create, remove, or otherwise change vCenter Server users. To manipulate the user list or change user passwords, use the tools you use to manage your Windows domain or Active Directory. For more information on creating users and groups for use with vCenter Server, see your Microsoft documentation.

Any changes you make to the Windows domain are reflected in vCenter Server. Because you cannot directly manage users in vCenter Server, the user interface does not provide a user list for you to review. You see these changes only when you select users to configure permissions.

vCenter Servers connected in a Linked Mode group use Active Directory to maintain the list of users, allowing all vCenter Server systems in the group to share a common set of users.