The management agents synchronize VMware components and let you access the ESXi 4.0 host through the vSphere Client or vCenter Server. They are installed with the vSphere software. You might need to restart the management agents if remote access is interrupted.

Restarting the management agents restarts all management agents and services that are installed and running in /etc/init.d on the ESXi host. Typically, these agents include hostd, ntpd, sfcbd, slpd, wsman, and vobd. The software also restarts the Automated Availability Manager (AAM) if it is installed.


Automated Availability Manager (VMware HA agent) is installed on individual hosts when you configure HA using vCenter Server. The HA agent runs a heartbeat mechanism on each host in a cluster to signal that the host is running and is a part of the cluster.

Users accessing this host through the vSphere Client or vCenter Server lose connectivity when you restart management agents.


From the direct console, select Restart Management Agents and press Enter.


Press F11 to confirm the restart.

The ESXi 4.0 host restarts the management agents and services.