The vSphere Host Update Utility is for updating and patching ESXi 4.0 hosts and upgrading ESX 3.x/ESXi 3.5 hosts to ESX 4.0/ESXi 4.0.

The vSphere Host Update Utility is bundled with the vSphere Client. You can install the utility when you install the vSphere Client. If the vSphere Client is already installed and the vSphere Host Update Utility is not, use this procedure to install vSphere Host Update Utility.

To use vSphere Host Update Utility, you must have the following:

Workstation or laptop with the vSphere Client installed.

Network connection between the ESX/ESXi host and the workstation or laptop.

Internet connectivity to download patch and update bundles or upgrade images from if you do not have a local depot.


Open a command window by selecting Start > Run and then entering cmd.


Navigate to the folder that contains VMware-viclient.exe.

This executable is in the \vpx subfolder of the vCenter Server installation package.


Run the following command.

VMware-viclient.exe /S /V" /qr INSTALL_VIUPDATE=1 /L*v %temp%\vim-viu-launch.log"

The vSphere Host Update Utility is installed.

Scan hosts and apply available updates or upgrade a host.