After adding custom packages, you might decide to remove them. One way to remove custom packages is to use the vSphere CLI and the vihostupdate command.

Do not remove bulletins that are VMware patches or updates.

For detailed information about the vihostupdate command, see the VMware vSphere Command-Line Interface Installation and Reference Guide.

Before you remove a custom package, shut down or migrate running virtual machines off of the ESX/ESXi host.


Determine which bulletins are installed on your ESX/ESXi host. --server <server> --query

Note the bundle ID for the bundle to uninstall.


Run the vihostupdate command.

vihostupdate --server <server> --remove --bulletin <bulletin ID>

vihostupdate can remove only one bulletin at a time.

The specified custom package is removed.

For ESXi, which has the concept of boot banks, this procedure modifies the standby boot bank, not the current boot bank. If you change your mind about the removal, you can reboot into the old bank instead of reinstalling the custom package.