The VMware Remote Console plug-in enables you to use the Firefox browser to interact with the virtual machine.

To install the plug-in, vSphere Web Access must be running on vCenter Server or on the ESX host to which you are connecting.

You must have administrator privileges to install the VMware Remote Console plug-in.

Make sure that Mozilla Firefox allows pop-up windows during the installation.


In Firefox, type the URL for vSphere Web Access.


Log in to vSphere Web Access using the user name and password for the host to which you are connecting.


Select a virtual machine from the Inventory panel.


Click the Console tab.

If the plug-in is not already installed, a warning message appears.


Click Install plug-in.

The Software Installation window appears.


In the Software Installation window, click Install now.


Restart Firefox to complete the installation.

You can use Mozilla Firefox to open VMware Remote Console and use the guest operating system of a virtual machine.